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The Washington Oregon Cascadia Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC) is a platform for inspiring change, facilitating action, and promoting collaboration related to sustainability and social justice within the region's higher education institutions. As a regional conference, WOHESC promotes a local focus, with dialogue specifically addressing issues in the Cascadia region. Solutions will be tailored for implementation and action in our unique political, social, economic, and environmental climate.

Our Program Committee is actively working to recruit diverse leadership perspectives to participate, attend and provide input on our conference program. We continue to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion through conference thematic elements, speakers, partners and attendees and aim to center BIPOC voices in all the work that we do as a conference. We have an open call to BIPOC and diverse voices to advise and/or provide input. If you are interested in being involved in our Program Committee please email info@wohesc.org with more information about yourself and how you would like to be involved.

WOHESC Program Committee

Brandon Lesowske

Lisa Dulude

Amy Dvorak

Lindsey MacDonald | Associate Director, Sustainability Engagement Institute, Western Washington University

Lindsey MacDonald

Dr. Taylor McHolm | Director for the Student Sustainability Center, University of Oregon 

Taylor McHolm

Briar Schoon | Sustainability Manager, Portland Community College  

Briar Schoon

Jill Anne Smedstad | Equity Coordinator for Sustainability and Basic Needs Resourcing, Southern Oregon University  

Jill Anne Smedstad

Monica J. Stenzel

Monica J. Stenzel | Founder, Spokane Falls Sustainability Center; History Faculty, Spokane Falls Community College

Sarah Stoeckl, PhD | Director, Office of Sustainability, University of Oregon   

Sarah Stoeckl

Brandon Trelstad | Sustainability Officer, Oregon State University  

Brandon Trelstad

Ericka Nelson | Founder and President, Social Enterprises, Inc.

Ericka Dickey-Nelson

Sierra Herron | Program Director, Social Enterprises, Inc.

Sierra Winegarner

"The event amplifies sustainability in our region by bringing together all the pieces of the sustainability puzzle-students, staff, faculty, and community-and allowing them to work and think collaboratively in a way that fosters real and lasting change upon returning to our home institutions."

- Jim Simon | Director of Sustainability, Gonzaga University