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WOHESC 2022 CFP Timeline

2022 Session Highlights

Imagining A Just Future: Writers on the World We Want to Build
"We're living inside the imagination of someone else," according to writer and activist adrienne maree brown. What would it mean to reclaim imagination in order to shape a future we believe in? This panel will focus on different ways writers envision, practice, and create potential futures. We will explore questions such as: How should we be in relationship with each other and with the more-than-human-world? Can capitalism shift to be a force for more good in the world? What vocations contribute to shaping the future in innovative ways? What could the future look like if we start imagining now? Join us for this important regenerative conversation.

Youth Activism for Climate and Indigenous Ways of Knowing
In many ways we are seeing the youth become the voice of climate change activism; from the notoriety of Greta Thunberg and widespread Fridays for Future sit-ins, stand-ups and walk-outs across the globe, to the Youth V. Gov lawsuit and more. Indigenous youth speaking on climate justice and Indigenous ways of knowing or TEK (traditional ecological knowledge) is foundational to this youth uprising. This session will hear from young leaders in climate action on how to learn from the land and from traditional knowledge to find solutions for the climate crisis.

YOUTH v GOV Film Screening
YOUTH v GOV is the story of America's youth taking on the world's most powerful government. Since 2015, twenty-one plaintiffs, now ages 13 to 24, have been suing the U.S. government for violating their constitutional rights to life, liberty, personal safety, and property through their willful actions in creating the climate crisis they will inherit.

But YOUTH v GOV is about more than just a lawsuit. It is the story of empowered youth finding their voices and fighting to protect their rights and our collective future. This is a revolution designed to hold those in power accountable for the past and responsible for a sustainable future. And many of the movement's leaders aren't even old enough to vote. (Yet.)

Learn more at https://www.youthvgovfilm.com/

2022 Tours

UW Life Sciences Building Tour | March 2nd, 3:00-4:30pm
The highly innovative and sustainable University of Washington Life Sciences Building (LSB) includes a 20,000 square-foot greenhouse and creates a new centerpiece for UW Biology. Home to the largest undergraduate major on campus, UW Biology educates more STEM students than any other program in the state. Tracking to LEED Gold, the building's highly innovative sustainable design was a result of a unique collaboration between designers and students from UW Solar. LSB boasts the first-of-its-kind installation of vertical glass solar fins on its exterior, one that is anticipated to generate enough electricity to light more than 12,400 square feet of offices throughout the year. Other sustainable features include operable windows for natural ventilation cooling, chilled beams and waves, a water reclamation system for greenhouse irrigation, radiant floors and rooftop solar panels. Students and visitors can learn about the research conducted within the building as well as real-time information about the building's energy and water usage from a touchscreen dashboard on the first floor. Space is limited, RSVP to attend.

The Bullitt Center Tour | March 2nd, 3:00-4:00pm
To advance both public and professional awareness and support for construction of more high performance buildings, the UW Center for Integrated Design (CID) conducts tours of the Bullitt Center, a certified "living building" that has met the toughest set of environmental building standards in the world. Tours focus on the building's unique integrated design and resource conservation systems, providing participants a view into the future of urban sustainability.

All tours of the Bullitt Center begin in the lobby on the 2nd floor, and will include the building's mechanical and electrical rooms, the toilet water and grey water systems, rainwater to potable treatment system, and the "irresistible" stairway. Please use the entrance located at 1501 E. Madison Ave. To access the building, you will need to use the call box to dial the UW Integrated Design Lab (IDL). Space is limited, RSVP to attend.

Hermanson Sustainable Building Science Technology Center Tour | March 2nd, 3:00-4:30pm
Our Region is home to numerous buildings designed to meet ambitious sustainability goals including Watershed in Fremont, the Bullitt Center, Health Sciences on the UW campus, and Climate Pledge Arena. A tour of Hermanson Sustainable Building Science Technology Center located in the Gene J. Colin Education Hall on South Seattle College's Georgetown Campus will showcase the educational opportunities available to individuals interested in developing the skills needed to maintain a building's energy systems for optimal occupant comfort, operation savings, and sustainability goals. This LEED-Certified Building is used as a "living laboratory" to give students an immersive building learning experience focused on sustainable operations. Join us to gain an in-depth understanding of green buildings features ranging from living roofs to advanced HVAC and building envelope systems. Meet Steve Abercrombie, Faculty Coordinator for the Sustainable Building Science Technology Bachelor of Applied Science program and Rick Hermanson, CEO of the PNW premiere mechanical contractor Hermanson Company for an interactive tour.

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