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2025 Speakers Coming Soon

2024 Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Belinda Chin

Belinda Chin | Lead, Race & Social Justice Change Team and Acting Manager, Public Programs, Cedar River Watershed Education Center City of Seattle and Seattle Public Utilities


Running-Grass | Director, Three Circles Center; Member, WA Environmental Justice Council ▾

Running-Grass worked for 22 years at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, focused on Environmental Justice issues at multiple levels of government, where he applied his expertise to identifying and addressing these issues at the community level.

He is appointed by Governor Inslee of Washington State to the first Environmental Justice Council in the state, which is tasked to track the implementation of the State HEAL Act and the Climate Commitment Act.

Running-Grass is a founding faculty member of the Urban Environmental Education MA Program at Antioch University Seattle where he teaches courses on Multicultural Environmental Education, Multicultural Environmental Leadership, and Race, Culture, and Equity.

He is a long-time student of Yoga, Buddhist philosophy and practice, and the Japanese martial art, Aikido.

Jessica Hernandez

Jessica Hernandez, PhD | Indigenous Scholar, Scientist, Community Advocate and Author of Fresh Banana Leaves

Elin Kelsey

Elin Kelsey, PhD | Spokesperson, Scholar and Educator; Author of Hope Matters: Why Changing the Way We Think Is Critical to Solving the Environmental Crisis ▾

She co-created the viral social media campaign #OceanOptimism and is currently leading intergenerational collaborations with climate influencers to make evidence-based hope more shareable online. She is an Adjunct Faculty member of the University of Victoria School of Environmental Studies, and Western Washington University’s School of Environment. She regularly serves as an author/artist in residence for international schools. She is a best-selling children's book author, podcast host, and film writer. For more, please visit https://www.elinkelsey.org

Sabah Randhawa

Welcome Address by Sabah Randhawa | President, Western Washington University

2024 Emcee/Host

Grace Wang

Grace Wang | Director, Sustainability Engagement Institute and Professor, Urban & Environmental Planning & Policy, Western Washington University (WWU)

2024 Speakers

Anoushka Adhav

Anoushka Adhav | Climate and Workforce Development Project Manager, King County Executive Climate Office

Keara Monique Alonso-Lopez

Keara Monique Alonso-Lopez | University of Oregon   

Tianna Renee Arredondo

Tianna Renee Arredondo (they/them) | Environmental Justice Consultant, Researcher, Facilitator, and Trans-Disciplinary Artist

Jeff Aslan

Jeff Aslan | Campus Utility Manager , Facilities Development & Operations, Western Washington University

Julia Babcock

Julia Babcock | Senior Project Manager, Portland State University

Laural Ballew

Laural Ballew | Executive Director, Office of Tribal Relations, Western Washington University ▾

She has over ten years’ experience working in academic leadership including program development, academic program services, developing curriculum with pedagogical practices, providing distance learning program delivery, fundamental knowledge of key principles and understanding of indigenous leadership and supportive relationships with tribal and non-tribal organizations. She has over forty years of experience working in tribal administrative and financial management roles with a unique perspective regarding the social, economic, and academic progression within the tribal communities. My deep involvement with family and community combined with a background in leadership and management skills are example of practicing culturally competent leadership and contributing to the restoration of tribal knowledge.

Megan Banks

Megan Banks | Director, Sustainable City Year Program, University of Oregon

Dawn Píchon Barrón

Dawn Píchon Barrón | Director & Faculty, Native Pathways Program, The Evergreen State College

Meli Bernal

Meli Bernal | Student Ambassador for the Sustainability, Equity, and Justice Fund, Sustainability Engagement Institute, Western Washington University

Jeff Birkenstein

Jeff Birkenstein, PhD | Professor, Saint Martin's University

Cody Birkland

Cody Birkland | VP of Operations, Husky Precious Plastics, University of Washington

Lexi Brewer

Lexi Brewer | Director of Sustainability, University of Puget Sound

Shannon Britton

Shannon Britton | Assistant Director Grounds and Waste Management, Seattle University

Ginny Broadhurst

Ginny Broadhurst | Director, Salish Sea Institute ▾

Broadhurst has served on numerous regional and international advisory groups related to marine debris, ocean acidification, marine protected areas and coastal ecosystem health. She is a Gubernatorial appointee to the Northwest Straits Commission. She is on the Board of Bellingham SeaFeast and serves on the US/CAN Statement of Cooperation Workgroup. Broadhurst holds a BS in Environmental Conservation from University of New Hampshire and a Masters in Marine Affairs from University of Washington.

Erik Budsberg

Erik Budsberg, PhD | Director of Sustainability, Eastern Washington University

Cynthia Camlin

Cynthia Camlin | Professor, Department of Art & Art History, Western Washington University

Clara Castronovo

Clara Castronovo | State Board Chair, California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) Students

Melissa Ciesielski

Melissa Ciesielski | Outreach Specialist, Swinomish Tribe - Dept of Environmental Protection


Mike Chang | Director of Equity, Cascadia Consulting Group

Stephan Classen

Stephan Classen | Assistant Director of Sustainable Practices, Cascadia College

Sadie Creemer

Sadie Creemer | Volunteer and Engagement Program Lead, Student Sustainability Center, University of Oregon

Sheina Crystal

Sheina Crystal | Director of Communications and Campaigns, Re:wild Your Campus

Lisa Dulude

Lisa Dulude | UW Director of Sustainability, University of Washington

Sonja Durr

Sonja Durr | Senior Lecturer in Design, Eastern Washington University

Amy Dvorak

Amy Dvorak | Sustainability Director, Lewis & Clark College

Rob Efird

Rob Efird | Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies, Seattle University

Daimon Eklund

Daimon Eklund | Sustainability Communications Manager, University of Washington

Kaitlyn Flesher

Kaitlyn Flesher | Farm Manager, Central Washington University’s Wildcat Farm

Aquila Flower

Dr. Aquila Flower | Associate Professor, College of the Environment, Salish Sea Atlas Project Lead, Western Washington University

Sierra Garrett

Sierra Garrett | Student, Southern Oregon University; Institute for Applied Sustainability; Zero Waste Coordinator

Irina Gendelman

Irina Gendelman, PhD | Professor, Saint Martin's University

Brian Goldcrump

Brian Goldcrump | Senior Mechanical Engineer, McKinstry

Lindsey Hayward

Lindsey Hayward | Assistant Program Manager, Sustainable City Year Program, University of Oregon

Susan Kaspari

Susan Kaspari | Professor of Geological Sciences, Central Washington University

Tyson Kemper

Tyson Kemper | Manager of Grounds and Wetland Operations, University of Washington & Cascadia College

Chelsea Kimmett

Chelsea Kimmett | Coordinator, Basic Needs, Sustainability & Leadership Program, Portland Community College

Medha Kumar

Medha Kumar | NextGen Climate Intern, King County Executive Climate Office

Christophe LaBelle

Christophe LaBelle | Sustainability Analyst, University of California, Los Angeles

Zinta Lucans

Zinta Lucans | Grant Program Manager for the Sustainability, Equity, and Justice Fund, Sustainability Engagement Institute, Western Washington University

Libby Mackin

Libby Mackin | Habitat Restoration Lead, Student Sustainability Center, University of Oregon

Alyssa Macy

Alyssa Macy | Chief Executive Officer, Washington Conservation Action

Kort Maeda

Kort Maeda | Outreach & Education Coordinator, Campus Sustainability Fund

Luis Maggiori

Luis Maggiori | Sustainability Coordinator, Lane Community College

P. Sean McDonald

P. Sean McDonald | Associate Teaching Professor, Program on the Environment, University of Washington

Darnell Metcalf

Darnell Metcalf | Facilities Operations Coordinator, Sony BioTechnology


Todd Mitchell, swəlítub | Environmental Director, Swinomish Tribe - Dept of Environmental Protection

Taryn Oakley

Taryn Oakley | Environmental Studies and Resources Faculty, Portland Community College

David Ortiz

David Ortiz | Founding Faculty in Communication, Climate Justice and Social Justice, and Media Studies, Cascadia College

Marilyn Ostergren

Marilyn Ostergren | Energy and Sustainability Specialist, University of Washington

Sasha Petrenko

Sasha Petrenko | Associate Professor, Western Washington University

Makerusa Porotesano

Makerusa Porotesano | Director of Multicultural Services, Portland Community College

Daryl Pierson

Daryl Pierson | Director, Planning and Sustainability Office for Portland State University

Victoria Piñeiro

Victoria Piñeiro | Environmental Justice Program Lead, Student Sustainability Center, University of Oregon

Heather Price

Heather Price, PhD | Professor, North Seattle College

Joan Qazi

Joan Qazi, PhD | Geography & Sustainability Faculty, Wenatchee Valley College

Timothy Randazzo

Timothy Randazzo | Green Building Program Associate, King County, Washington State


Dana Reason, PhD | Professor, Oregon State University

Sonya Doucette

Sonya Remington Doucette | Senior Associate Professor, Bellevue College ▾

In addition to completing a textbook, she conducted sustainability education research at ASU (Connell, Remington-Doucette, & Armstrong 2012, JSE; Remington-Doucette et al 2013, IJSHE; Remington-Doucette & Musgrove 2015, IJSHE). One manuscript was highly commended as Outstanding Papers in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education’s Annual Awards for Excellence. From 2008 – 2010, she was a post-doctoral teaching fellow in the Program on the Environment* at the University of Washington. (*now College of the Environment.) She began her academic sustainability career in 2007 when she became active in the Curriculum for the Bioregion (C4B) initiative at Evergreen State College. C4B seeks to infuse sustainability into all curricula, in all disciplines, at institutions of higher education in Washington State. She remains active and recently (2014) became a member of the regional steering committee for this successful, ongoing initiative.

Mateo Reynaud

Mateo Reynaud | Environmental Justice Program Lead, Student Sustainability Center, University of Oregon

Mari Rice

Mari Rice | Clinical Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies Program, Boise State University

Roberta Richards

Roberta Richards | Reference and Instruction Librarian, Portland Community College

Susan Rivera

Susan Rivera, PhD | IT Management Faculty, Central Washington University

Jordan Spradlin

Jordan Spradlin, MPH | Environmental and Occupational Health

Emily Salzberg

Emily Salzberg | Managing Director, Clean Buildings Unit, Washington State Department of Commerce

Jasmine Shaheen

Jasmine Shaheen | Student Ambassador of Basic Needs and Sustainability, Portland Community College

Brayden Smith

Brayden Smith | Wildcat Pantry Coordinator, Central Washington University

Makenna Smith

Makenna Smith | Climate Anxiety Program Coordinator, Student Sustainability Center, University of Oregon

Jordan Spradlin

Jordan Spradlin, MPH | Environmental and Occupational Health

Hattie Sterns

Hattie Sterns | Grove Garden Lead, Student Sustainability Center, University of Oregon

Kayla Stoker

Kayla Stoker | Project Architect, Associate, Integrus

Kristi Straus

Kristi Straus | Associate Teaching Professor, University of Washington

Amy Jean Swanson

Amy Jean Swanson | Student President, Husky Precious Plastics, University of Washington

Matteo Tamburini

Matteo Tamburini, MS | Faculty, Northwest Indian College

Michael Terrell

Michael Terrell | Principal, Michael Terrell Landscape Architecture, PLA

Marina Thompson

Marina Thompson | Waste Reduction and Reusables Lead, Student Sustainability Center, University of Oregon

Laurie Trautman

Laurie Trautman | Director, Border Policy Research Institute, Western Washington University

Kira  Welch

Kira Welch | Coordinator, Institute for Applied Sustainability, Southern Oregon University

Yen-Chu Weng

Yen-Chu Weng, PhD | Lecturer, Program on the Environment, University of Washington

Eli Wheat

Eli Wheat, PhD | Assistant Teaching Professor, Program on the Environment, University of Washington

Luke Williams

Luke Williams | IT Management Faculty, Central Washington University


Jen Willup | Indigenous Science Specialist, Swinomish Tribe - Dept of Environmental Protection

David Woodson

David Woodson | Executive Director of Campus Energy, Utilities and Operations, University of Washington

Mary Voves

Mary Voves | Vice President of Business and Finance, Eastern Washington University

Nick Zaferatos

Nick Zaferatos, PhD | Professor of Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, College of the Environment, Western Washington University

2024 Tour Leaders

Paige Adkinson

Paige Adkinson | Project Manager, Mortenson

Zoë Fejeran

Zoë Fejeran | Museum Educator, Western Washington University

Shanni Hanein

Shanni Hanein | Technical Coordinator, Perkins+Will

Adam Heffner

Adam Heffner | Project Director, McKinstry

Keith Jurgens

Keith Jurgens | Design Phase Executive, Mortenson

Lyle Keck

Lyle Keck | Building Performance Practice Leader, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Devin Kleiner

Devin Kleiner | Director of Regenerative Design, Associate Principal, Perkins+Will

Curtis Lawyer

Curtis Lawyer | Capital Projects Director, Bellingham Public Schools

Ethan Martin

Ethan Martin | Director of Sustainability and Mass Timber, DCI Engineers

Auden Schilder

Auden Schilder | Project Manager, Dawson Construction

Dylan Tinnell

Dylan Tinnell | Project Engineer, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Jason Williard

Jason Williard | Principal, RMC Architects

2024 Poster Presenters

Julia Babcock

Julia Babcock | Senior Project Manager, Portland State University

Suneeta Eisenberg

Suneeta Eisenberg | Founder & Executive Director, Whatcom Waves

Kayshish Pichette-Cline

Kayshish Pichette-Cline | Student, Western Washington University

Zoe Slabodnik

Zoe Slabodnik | Undergraduate Honors College Student, Portland State University